Tuesday, April 6, 2010

After Easter Thoughts

This is my second entry and already I have a confession to make.

I am excited about sharing and especially now as I have just returned from a short break over Easter. The confession I have is that I wished to immerse myself in blog writing but felt that too frequent entries may seem self indulgent. I have decided to write when I am drawn back here. To this very page. No matter the hour or reason and after this entry, the blogs will be shorter.

To begin, Easter saw me make the biannual pilgrimage north to visit various relatives and friends. We cooked, we swam, we ate and drank red wine and homemade iced tea. We collected driftwood and broken shells from the beach and sat on the riverbank with the fox terrier, Sheriff wondering why it is I only visit twice a year as he playfully chased the water dragons from the gardens to the slow-flowing river.

We then played Scattergories, the board game with a timer, which, no matter how many times I played, still startled me to within an inch of my sanity each time it noisily 'clacked' to signal our time was up- pens down, like in my university exams... the pressure was incredible at times! You would be surprised how many ideas seep into your thoughts once the pressure of a 60 second time limit has finished but it is too bad when time has run out as the ideas are unable to flow out of your pen onto your answer sheet.
A body of water beginning with the letter 'P'... I have no idea why I spent half the allotted time trying to think of a river when I could have easily written pond, puddle, pool, the Pacific...

It was familiar and comforting to be surrounded by my family, if only for a week that honestly felt more like a weekend in duration. I managed to frame two of my mixed media pieces, one of which is mounted on my bedroom wall for want of a better location. I also began reading Evelyn Waugh's The Loved One for the umpteenth time, though I faintly recall finishing it twice. Ever. And sadly not this weekend.

I also managed to bring twice as many parcels home with me as what I originally left with. Mostly paints, canvasses, books and a new stick blender which is an improvement on the wardrobe I transported last time. Less is more.

I am surprised at the sadness I felt as I pulled out of the driveway to return to my real home. Jack Johnson did not prevent those blues, though his slower melodies lulled me into fond reflection as I promised myself I would return again soon. This prompted me to think about work and planning more travel around even more work. I have come to realise that I am not involved in a vicious downward spiral, but rather a series of events that repeat at my leisure and convenience. It's not so far in reality, I do not have to board a plane, nor do I have to take another week next time.

Perhaps I could visit for a weekend, arriving in the late Autumn afternoon. The time of year when the mosquitoes have moved on and the sky refects brillant pink and cool blue from the glassy river. I will paint next time, seated at the white iron table and chairs beside the jetty that stretches out from the riverbank. I will sit wrapped in a snug scarf cocoon with a white tea.

What more artistic inspiration could I want in such a peaceful place?
Self-indulgent confessions aside, I must admit I find the whole scene both serene and inviting. What an escape- I hope you were as relaxed as me over this long weekend.

I will stop by again very soon with a brief update and images of some of my recent and on-going projects and another glimpse into my life. Meet you back here?

Bella xx

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