Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cold-Pressed Soap and Middle Eastern Food

I forgot to mention I finally made the cold-pressed soap. I have to cure it for another five weeks but in the meantime, here is a little pic. I was concerned I used too much scented oil but after I cut and stamped it, realised I may not have used enough. One batch is cinnamon scented, the other vanilla.

The colour reminds me of a small cube of honey-scented soap I purchased in Aix En Provence a few years ago. The strange thing is, whilst I was home for Easter I found that very cake of soap and it immediately took me back to the cool, overcast day I spent in the French markets in Aix, purchasing lollipops and soap. Another sniff and I was in the crowded cafe, scribbling the day's events onto the back of an already overcrowded postcard, wishing my mother could enjoy a mulled wine with me as I stared out at the silver sky. It was a beautiful day. Isn't it funny how a scent can send you tumbling backwards to a memory your thoughts haven't visited in years?

The other interesting thing Erin and I did recently (but neglected to blog) was to go to a Middle-Eastern themed dinner party at our friend Iyrri's house, the kind of dinner party where everyone brings a dish. The food was incredibly appetising, every palate imaginable would have been stimulated and I tried my hand at making traditional baba ghanoush.

On a passing note I have (finally) decided to open an Etsy shop. This is a work in progress and will require more planning on my part but I look forward to it.

I'm just off to make myself a tea and find a warmer scarf as the winter freeze of Armidale is almost upon us. I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet.

Bella x

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