Saturday, August 28, 2010

Goodbye Sleepy Armidale

On Tuesday my new housemate and one of my closest friends, Mr Tim Fisher bragged to one of his friend’s and fellow ‘foodie’ that I write a food blog. I felt rather guilty as it has been months since my last entry and decided it was time to update but how??? Since then I had been procrastinating about it until this morning when my friend Becky asked me if I still had a blog and it occurred to me that some people might actually enjoy reading it so here goes- and my sincerest apologies to all you closet blog readers…

In my short lifetime I have realised that time inevitably flies by when you are having fun, are really busy, or want something to last. In the past couple of months I ‘put the feelers out’ for a new job and new direction. Since embarking on this journey, I have had a nerve-wracking interview, been to 'The Gong' (where Tim made us this delicious French Toast breakfast) for a coastal weekend with Delia to learn to kite surf and forget all about the silly interview.... Then I somehow secured the job and have moved from my 'safe', quaint and endearing community (Read: Bubble) in Armidale to the big smoke. Sydney.

It's nice to wake up and walk 100 metres down the road for a lovely flat white.
In the past few months since I left you lingering on the idea of my sticky date pudding, I have formed new friendships, lived a little on the wild side and grown closer to my small circle of existing friends in the Dale. I have danced all night, studied all day, pained over my French, learnt two new songs on the piano, kissed someone, gone on a city adventure with amazing people, watched the sun rise from a rooftop spa (after leaping into the outdoor rooftop pool, in the rain, in the middle of Winter and middle of the night with my friend Jared Nicholas…ha I remembered his middle name). I’ve played around with the guitar, ran off the road in the wet in my little red Getz en route to my new city…and new home (Oh my God, how will I make this my new home?), I’ve started to read Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes on the train to work each morning and I have inevitably cooked in my new, albeit small kitchen. Apple pie, chicken pad thai, yellow curry, Italian bread…..the list goes on.
I’m pleased I am now living in a terrace house, loaded with character and charm with the following amazing people: Tim, Lyla, Ali and Kristina.

This is the view towards the garage (mind our washing!), which has been converted into another room.

View from the terrace towards the house. I live above the kitchen so all the lovely aromas from downstairs waft up to my bedroom. It's wonderful!

I do miss my friends back home, in particular Erin, Jade, Kailee, Kate (about-to-pop) Kirby and Maxi (Yeah! Maxi cat!).
As the weeks progress I’ll post more entries about my Sydney adventures and a heads up for those who have read this far… Tonight I will bake my favourite peach cobbler for new and ‘old’ friends, then I will embark on a night time adventure with the one and only Michael ‘Mini Braz’ Brazier as we traverse five floors of dilapidated abandoned hospital with naught but torch light, enthusiasm (a touch of insanity?), and a keen sense of adventure. We will visit a 1950s style milk bar on Parramatta Road, a café that time has forgotten, have our pictures taken and printed in black and white from an old-school style ‘print-while-you-wait’ photo booth in Broadway, and will conclude our evening walking about the lights and sounds of Sydney town.
Tim just bounded up the stairs (thump, thump, thump!) and burst into my room with a freshly blended strawberry smoothie, complete with mint sprig and sweet strawberry garnish. I opened my window to let the cool breeze in and will enjoy my breakfast listening to the birds as I start my day. I love sleep ins on Saturdays!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Bella xx


  1. I love it!
    You've inspired me to do more spontaneous and fun things to brighten up my days and make life that little bit more exciting.
    You make it seem so easy to have fun and learn new things whilst keeping it cheap!

  2. You don't need to spend much money to have a fun-filled weekend. A few dollars for a latte, some tinned peaches for the cobbler... we even ventured into a karaoke bar filled with 35+ something drunk adults who thought they could sing after our hospital adventure. We were the youngest people in the bar- it just goes to show that it doesn't matter what you end up doing or where you go, it's the people you spend your time with that make it enjoyable... and memorable.
    Have a wonderful week Becky xxx


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Love Bella xx


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