Sunday, November 21, 2010

Counting Sheep in Sydney in the Spring Time

Where to begin? Sometime ago we reset our mechanical clocks one hour forwards. The hour of sleep I struggled with losing was strangely difficult for my body clock to adjust to but is a small price to pay for the extra hour of sunlight I have gained with each new day- And it is a personal gain as I feel wonderful when I wake up now.
I’ve spent a great deal of time travelling to see friends in various locations over the past five months since moving to this busy metropolis and the long days have certainly played havoc on my sleep bank account. Debit, debit, oops you’ve overdrawn… Those closest to me may have noticed I have become a little grouchy when tired but a note to you dear people: I am aware of it now and have taken measures to ensure Bubbly Bella is back and is here to stay. Earlier to bed, swimming and walking to work to ensure I am actually tired when my active mind hits my pillow- Oh and I’ve brought my bed back from sleepy Armidale… I can almost see my sleep account growing, by one jumping woolly sheep* at a time.
* I could easily substitute woolly sheep for Maximilian, my nocturnal cat who tends to perform running laps of my bedroom until I evict him around 2am. Maxi made the arduous journey with me in the car to Sydney last weekend with my good friend Mitch, to whom I owe a very big ‘Thank You’ for assisting with the move. Thank you, Mitch :o).
In other Bella news I thought I would update with a few pictures.
Remember when I mentioned I was going to visit the photo booth? Well here are some of the pictures from that day…

My beautiful friends Tim and Michael..

It was seriously cramped in that tiny photo booth, and YES, we are having as much fun as it looks like we're having...

These are some highlights from last weekend in Armidale when we visited the gorgeous Blue Hole…

Here are Tshiamo and Erin enjoying the picnic we brought down the hill with us...

The boulders at Blue Hole..I'm standing in the middle...

…And these pictures follow on from our harbour side visit to my sunny hometown. Ahh the memories- both from that weekend and my happy childhood.

Here I am captured in time by my good friend Stewart Hayes, looking at fossilised shells near Lake Tabourie..we were later stranded on this island when the tide came in.

We collected driftwood sticks for a fire...

Here I have captured Stew and Tim discussing some of life's mysteries on our tiny island around the blazing fire...

The next day at the harbour side market with some second-hand tools Tim purchased.

A BIG thank you to Stewart and Jade for their photos, mixed in amongst those from the photo booth and my own. I hope you have enjoyed the different photographic styles.

Right now I am going to stretch (never underestimate the value of a long stretch when you get out of your massive pillow-top bed- Bliss!) and I am going to make crepes for my French girlfriend Audrey (Read: adopted sister), whom I collected from a 21 hour flight from Paris, via Seoul yesterday morning (seriously, where does she get her energy from?).

Oh heck: I forgot to update the food portion of my blog!
Yesterday I made Greek green lentil soup and we enjoyed it after taking a long sun-drenched stroll around the Sydney Harbour foreshore. I also made Minestrone Primavera for lunch today and pizza dough ala Uncle Rudi Valentino’s Italian recipe for pizzas. I will make one pizza bianco and another with Spanish chorizo, tomato and chilli**.

This afternoon we will venture over to the annual Glebe Street Fair. Stay tuned for more exciting stories and a picture or two..

** Sadly in this blog post there are no food pictures as my new camera has a corrupted memory disk and I am too poor to replace it just yet ha ha! Sad but true and who wants to look at green lentil soup anyway? It tastes like a Greek dream but looks like green mush... To appease your interest in the Italian recipes, feel free to look up Franco Leoni’s Italian cookbook. The recipes are simple, yet mouth-wateringly delicious and you will not be disappointed.

Buon Appetito…or with my French company in mind, Bon App├ętit!

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