Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To Work, To Work...

I must get out of bed.
I do not want to.
I'd much rather stay here with you...

I'm looking at pictures from my childhood and teens...I must distinguish between the two because as a teenager I considered myself much older than a mere child, almost a grown-up. Almost.

I must walk to work today, again. I enjoy the walk once I start. There's plenty of things to look at. I pass a giant park, filled with birds and healthy people, dogs and prams. I pass the artistic suburb, bustling cafés, antique stores, several galleries.
It's quite a pretty and interesting walk but it is tainted with the knowledge that soon it will be over and I must arrive at work.

I reassure myself with the thought that I will one day be paid to do what it is that I love with more passion than breathing and in the meantime I can stroll at my own pace, picking up momentum at odd moments.

The rest of this week in dot-points:

* Tonight: Minestrone Primavera soup with 'no-knead bread' that has been rising for 13 hours thus far...Thank you to Alicia Lynn Carrier (bread-and-honey food blog) for the borrowed recipe... that you also borrowed and readers here may feel welcome to borrow also.

* Wednesday: The first end-of-year work Christmas function. Canapés, speeches, drinks and me..the tiny wallflower at the back of the room hoping to go unnoticed as I borrow food ideas for my own Christmas party.

* Thursday: Noodles in the city at night with my French girlfriend Audrey (Dedou) who visits me from Angers.

* Friday: A barbecue in the park with the community garden near my home. Perhaps I should buy kangaroo steaks for Dedou for that ultimate Australian dining experience? My three Romanian girlfriends from Wollongong should arrive for the late dinner celebration. Marianna, Jessica and Delia.

* Saturday: (Read: My first morning where I do not have to walk to work). 8am: Glebe markets to purchase a VERY funky present for my grandparents for Christmas. I know they do not have one already and I know they will like it...but where they put it will be interesting. I will post a picture once I have decided on which one to buy.
Oh I want you to guess what it is!!! I will give you one hint, it is recycled but still functional and DEFINITELY improved on it's original design, you may also find similar items that comprise it in your very own kitchen...

Saturday will follow-on with crepes for breakfast for my dear friends with fresh fruit and smoothies, and a music festival later in the day. Again, I remind you that more photographic posts will follow- I hope my camera will work!

*Sunday: Surfing with the Romanian sisters and my French sister Dedou. I wish her older sister Elise were here too. Tu me manques, Elise! The remaining hours of Sunday will be spent being as lazy as physically possible. Maybe I will have a little clean up, do some washing, watch a movie, make a meal out of scrumptious leftovers, have a nana-nap... It depends how I feel.

* Monday- EEK! I do not care to write about Monday... not only will it involve that walk to that unmentionable place I go on weekdays...but it also happens to be the start of a new week and therefore, should not warrant a mention in my dot-points for THIS week.

(I do however look forward to next weekend with joyous enthusiasm as I will spend the weekend in a tiny country town for a hen's weekend for my dear friend Kailee, who is a small ray of Wyoming sunshine. I will be fitted for my buttercup yellow bridesmaid dress and wake up in a high-ceilinged home to the wholesome country air of Murrurundi).

Time to stretch and leave my warm bed for a beautiful walk... Have a wonderful Tuesday morning.

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