Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is just around the Summery corner!

To my closet reader, Bec- I haven’t made the journey to the Sydney fish markets yet to make the creamy prawn pasta as it has been a busy lead up to Christmas and I have been rather time poor, then it occurred to me that I can work this a different way!

When I fly home in three more sleeps (Hey! Everyone can talk like a child leading up to Christmas…) on Christmas Eve I will be heading to the local seafood stall that has become so popular amongst locals and holiday makers alike that the queue for fresh prawns backs out of the shop onto the narrow footpath and curves up along the highway. It is here where I will select the best prawns for the dish you have requested I make.

I’M REALLY EXCITED… Fresh seafood, summer, Christmas, my family and of course- hours of cooking and even longer feasting with those I love.
I wonder what it is that makes Christmas so special for others. What are your plans this festive season, dear closet readers?

Later this week I will fill you in on the Boiled Christmas cake I baked for a Christmas picnic at Rushcutters Bay on Sunday. It was a perfect, albeit windy day and everyone brought a dish. I am keen to share the menu with you next blog entry. Right now I have to head to work... Three more days and my jolly holidays will begin.


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