Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Go Eat Some Good Pho!

I'm back from the motor bike ride. I doubled with Tim and Byron rode next to us. We parked the bikes and jumped a fence to walk through this park in the pitch dark by Sydney Harbour. It was gorgeous. I could hear flying foxes nearby and the sound of the waves lapping against the stone walls. After deciding it was late enough to return home I find myself sitting on my bed reflecting on all the food I was able to eat up until today when my doctor informed me I am now restricted to vegetables and fruit for the next two weeks, eek!

Several weeks ago I visited an old friend from my first year of university. Kylie is also a good friend of my house mate Tim and it was he who introduced us a few years ago.

Kylie was starving after working and exercising so we decided to walk from her beautiful terrace house in Hyde Park in the centre of the city to the 'dirty end of China Town' (personally I did not realise China Town had a 'dirty' end but I shall continue with this story regardless...).
Kylie was excited to be taking us to this really fantastic and unbelievably inexpensive Vietnamese restaurant for some 'Good Pho!'.
The funny thing is I thought she was trying to be ultra cool and shorten the word 'food' to 'fo' but nooooo, we did indeed dine on Pho and rice noodle salads with beef and pork, accompanied by chilled, sweet coconut juice. Tim ordered some kind of spirulina-looking funky green liquid, which I affectionately dubbed 'jungle juice'.

The restaurant itself was small and busy with a rapidly rotating crowd of young and old customers. Aesthetically, the restaurant was nothing to look at, though it did appear clean and the service was prompt and helpful. The meals were made using the freshest vegetables and I am looking forward to returning soon now that my doctor has sentenced me to a fortnight (minimum) of vegetables ONLY.

If you're interested, please send me a message or comment and I will divulge the location of this funky little secret spot hidden in Sydney's bustling Asian food district...

Tomorrow I will share with you the menu I selected with my friends from the sexy, albeit noisy Mexican restaurant 'Agave', situated in the sleek and sophisticated Sydney suburb that is Surry Hills...

Happy Dining

Bella xx

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