Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fall for Autumn

Mmmmmmm I woke up toasty warm this morning, wrapped up under several soft blankets in my huge comfy bed beside my new Malaysian boyfriend. I have to say it was close to perfect except for the fact that I had awoken in the first place to the shrill, chaotic siren that is my alarm. It more closely resembles the fire alarm on a sinking ship than the gentle hum that should gradually stir me from slumber... But that doesn't work for me, ok? I need something so loud and frightening that I have to jump out of bed in one frightening motion, just to catch the heart that has leaped out of my chest in panic because I'm on the Titanic, aren't I?!
No wait, I have to go to work soon, equally as devastating...

I dressed quickly into my hundred layers to prevent the fresh Autumn cold from penetrating my warmth from bed and hurried to the train (seriously not walking to work in this cold!). Whilst standing in the crowded train carriage and wondering why on earth I didn't walk, (I'm so lazy!) I pondered over the fact that I haven't written a blog post in oh I don't know , too long!

So I took my iPhone from my pocket after leaving the train station in Kings Cross, aimed it at the street and took pictures of my walk to work. I decided I'd update with recent events first such as a description of the fabulous dinner cooked by my friend Lily on Monday and the 20 poached pears in red wine sauce I made after work to feed her guests... Like how I also snuck in that sneaky detail about my new Malaysian boyfriend? Ahhh Byron, you are delightful!

Lovely Lily fed her hungry friends with Mediterranean chicken, stuffed green peppers with rice and cheese, moist, stuffed, baked mushrooms artichoke salad and roast potatoes. I'm sure I am forgetting some of the dishes as she had been cooking all afternoon. I think she mentioned there were about 16 people..

B and I arrived late due to the peeling and pre-poaching of the pears. When we left home it was drizzling and cold so dinner sounded very tempting.

Hmmm... what else? The night before last Byron and I indulged in some Wild Turkey Honey Bourbon, rugged up against the rainy night and went to one of our favourite bars in Sydney, the somewhat-difficult-to-find-for-newbies... Shady Pines.

The bartender 'slash' fisherman-looking guy who served us our freshly squeezed apple whiskeys looked like an extra from Moby Dick and the dead animals hanging from the walls were reminiscent of a hunters prized showroom.

It's late now and my eyelids are heavy but just before I head off to bed, here is something special to consider... Today I will bring home a new digital SLR Canon camera... (!!!)

Don't get too excited, this was taken with the iPhone Hipstamatic..

And the other news I have- I will be mourning the anniversary of another year passing me by on Monday but the good news is I am preparing for the birthday party- think day of the dead mixed with my love of food and mexican cuisine, sangria, skeletons and world music!
That's right, I will be celebrating my birthday with my closest friends, decorated as sugar skulls.
How cool is that?
You just wait to see the sexy snaps I take with Mr Canon!

Bella xx

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