Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dreaming... of Food...

I've been indulging lately. All I want to do in my free time is look up recipes for food that is in season... I'm being modest- I'm looking at recipes in general. I've been on a Nigella/ Julia Child/ Phaidon published cookbook binge and I'm loving it all.

I just purchased both volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking (thank you Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, Simone Beck and eBay!)

Byron has suggested I enrol in a cooking school to learn how to properly bake.. I looked at prices for Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, where he studied and completed his diploma. However, for a three part one year course, it averages (now take a seat, this might alarm you...) about $9000 per trimester. That's right, a little more than $27,000 for a one year diploma... I think I'd rather move to France and work in a bakery somewhere as an underpaid apprentice by day, in a restaurant by night, learn the language better and ... actually LIVE in France..

Let's face it, I'd drink wine for breakfast, wear blue and white striped shirts, cropped pants and a red scarf around my neck, shrink to a size 8 ... Pffft whatever I'd gain weight from eating butter and foie gras. Hell yeah, butter!

On the weekend Byron and I went for a wander along Bourke Street to take pictures of houses and we ended up daydreaming about owning a restaurant. I'd bake in the morning and work as a barista and he'd run the bistro at night. Hmmm... Maybe one day I'll be able to make a living from cooking for others. That's the dream anyway.

We also came across a café in Surry Hills that had cool décor. It's called Le Pain Quotidien (The name is from Belgium!). I know it's a café that has sprouted up all over the world and I haven't actually eaten there yet (I intend to, just to try it out) but the tables are made from reclaimed wood and you walk in and share bread with your neighbour straight away. You can purchase the spreads, chocolate, coffee and granola they make, use and sell and I love the idea that I (possibly) could do that one day from my own little kitchen. The bakery bench tops were grey marble and the cabinets were made from reclaimed wood and crafted into this gorgeous Provencal style, with glass cabinets showcasing the various tarts, croissants, and sweet pastries as if you were in some version of a Bakery-cross-Tiffany and Co.

Ahhh I can't wait to learn more cooking styles.

I'm going to sleep now to dream of food.

Bella xx

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