Friday, September 9, 2011


My favourite food blog, 'Bread and Honey' by Alicia Carrier has just ended and I feel really sad that she has grown tired of her food blog. Alicia, you were one of the main reasons I decided to blog about food. I know a lot of your readers are saddened but you stuck at it for years to share a part of your life with us so I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! It's funny how some chick I've never met, who lives her life in a different hemisphere to mine could have had such an impact on me. But you did and you don't know it. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, thanks for generously sharing so much of your personal life, from home renovations, your beautiful boy growing up, your artworks, the beginning of your journey to become a tattooist and of course... your recipes. If I could, I'd invite you around for a home cooked meal with some friends and we'd eat it in my courtyard, under the big shady tree with the fairy lights. There would be candles scattered through the green garden and my friend Isaac would play some beautiful music on his guitar. Let the wine flow :o) In other news, unrelated to Bread and Honey... I made a vegetable bake this week. I used tinned tomatoes because I didn't haven any eggs or cream in the fridge (call me a lazy shopper, I don't care). It was healthy and savoury. I had so much that it became my lunch for work. Quite the versatile dish when you have it with rice, or grilled haloumi, or roast chicken or simply on it's awesome own. Nom Nom Nom...

Ohhh and today I caught up with my lovely friend Christophe. He's living in Bondi so it was a wonderful opportunity for Byron and I to go and visit him by the beach. Wish I packed my snow jacket though, it was freezing! Chris, the sneaky Frenchy took this sneaky picture whilst I was ordering with Byron... Sugar pourer portrait!

We sat outside a cute little second-hand book store/cafe called Gertrude & Alice and ordered toasted pear and rasberry bread and corn fritters with bacon and haloumi (How good is haloumi?! Don't answer, just lick your lips and agree). I had the house special spicy chai tea with milk and honey and boy was I thankful I could hold the teacup to warm my fingers! Ah what fun!

Next time I blog, I'll be mindful to include a bit more about what I've been cooking and devouring. I have really taken an extended cooking hiatus the past few weeks to concentrate on work and learn French. Yup, I'm a student studying this beautiful language. C'est magnifique!

Meet you back here next time at chez moi...

Bella xx

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