Sunday, November 6, 2011

My 'New' Vintage Bicycle

After Umming and Ahhing for quite some time, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new bicycle. Though new to me, it's actually a restored vintage bicycle that has been given a new lease on life, a lick of beige paint and a tinkering of the ol' girls gears to make for one sleek and sexy little two-wheeled machine.

She still retains most of what I imagine is her former charm and oozes appeal as my new ride.

Must purchase a sturdy lock and helmet... Have had images of myself pedalling along to some french accordian playing, neck scarf flowing in the breeze, sunglasses reflecting the bright Summer sun, ala Audrey Hepburn in Paris circa 1960... However the clickety-clack of the older-style ten speed gears operated by two levers on her curved handlebars; juxtaposed with the 'Doof-Doof!' from some teenage wanna-be hip-hop artist drop kick's 1993 suped-up shitbox brought me quickly and uneagerly back to the Manly esplanade 'circa' lunch time yesterday afternoon.

At least it was a gorgeous day with sunshine and warm salty air.

Bella xx

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  1. Hello there. I just saw your bike pics. Can you tell me the brand of your bike? I have a very similar bike but dont know ehre it comes from.



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