Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Morning Roast

My lovely friend Erin brought my old coffee machine with her when she visited me last week. I lived with Erin in Armidale over a year ago during my final year of university and my neglected coffee machine had waited patiently for me since then in her new garage.

I carefully unpacked the machine, wiped it over thoroughly with a damp cloth and set it up next to my stove. It then occurred to me that I had a 'Roo Pack', lying unopened in my cupboard so I filled the reservoir with water and turned the machine on to warm up.

For my last birthday, a friend of mine Frédéric gave me a Roo Pack: a beautiful blend of Jaques fine coffee. Jaques coffees are grown and roasted on site at the Jaques Coffee Plantation, which is located on the Great Dividing Range in Queensland.
Part of the novelty of this gift is that Fréd was visiting our shores as a tourist from France and the bag of coffee he gave to me had a picture of a kangaroo on the front.

Despite the apparent souvenir appearance of the coffee, he assured me that the blend was smooth and delicious. The coffee machine hummed as I poured a shot of hot espresso, and shissshhhhed as I steamed the milk to a silky cream.

There was absolutely nothing better this morning that waking up, reacquainting myself with my old coffee machine and preparing a steaming cup of liquid gold coffee.

Merci Fréd! I wish I could have shared a cup with you!

Bella xx

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