Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time for Some Funny Business...

I have an entire weekend to fill. What's a girl to do when she has so much time to herself?

I'll give you a hint... It's time for some Funny Business!

I'm going to wriggle into my brand new black Romanian leather boots, grasp my umbrella and camera bag tightly and catch the train to Circular Quay. I'll then board a ferry and bob and chug across the Harbour in Sydney Cove to Milsons Point Ferry Wharf, where I will disembark and walk (I'll try not to skip!) to the gleaming grin of a giant clown gate...'a superbly restored 1930's amusement park'.

Think clunking roller coasters, fairy floss, waffles and ice cream, ghoulish screams from the rides, seagulls flocking to the fish and chips stall and as many colours as you can imagine bursting out of one venue.

Vietnamese rolls for dinner.

Meet you back here this evening for the photos from the day.

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So here are the photos from the day!

This is the ferry ride across the harbour. We initially caught the wrong one but found it to be a relaxing, scenic tour of the northern harbour wharves and the friendly ferry folk didn't charge us for the extra ride!

After we arrived at Milsons Point ferry wharf, we took pictures of the impressive Luna Park gate. The sun wasn't far off setting so the colours were strange, although beautiful.

We saw many different people, including the 'Vans' girls. When I saw these girls I was struck by a sudden wave of nostalgia. During high school I remember my friends and I wanting to have the same clothes. I stopped at the shoes, however the rest of the girls ended up buying pairs of plastic pants in various shades.

Somebody forgot to tell Miss Converse that it was Vans day...

I saw Mr and Mrs. Ink...

Then watched some teenagers win giant plush toys playing games...

Byron and I then enjoyed the sunset as the park came alive at night...

Annnddd... Because this is a food blog: Here's the food from the day...

We dined on sushi on the way there, and shared a double-scoop chocolate-chip and peppermint ice cream as we wandered about...

However, I couldn't resist posing with a pluto pup. It didn't taste great and it certainly wasn't nutritious but it was a novelty I shared with Byron.

We wandered around the toy shop for a while...

Before discovering a large puddle on the pavement outside the entrance, which created an eerie reflection of the grand gate...

I couldn't help myself, I HAD to jump in it with my new boots!

Oh what fun!

Next post: More food! Delicious Fresh Spring Rolls with a solid attempt at making a delicious dipping sauce. Will I be able to master the slippery rice paper or will I crumble under the pressure???

Stay tuned.. ha ha ha!

Bella xx

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