Thursday, March 15, 2012


Guess what my dear blog friends?

No, I'm not with child... Guess again! Hmmm, you mightn't guess it, so I will tell you because I am bursting!

I purchased my very own domain name today *How grown-up, right?!*

Very soon my blog will be SEA AND SALT!!!

Don't worry though, you can still search for this blog under 'Bella Mills'.

I have a feeling there are only about five of you out there, perhaps one regular (Mum, my groupie!)... But I simply don't mind. If I can continue to share my food and thoughts through little snippets of my life and in the process, happen to brighten someone's day, then for me it was worth posting.

I post for myself more than anybody else anyway.

Other exciting news: A book I ordered AAAAAGGGEEESSS ago from Amazon finally arrived today. I'm almost too nervous to open it because it still has that pristine 'new book' feel and I'd hate to crease the slick cover.

Perhaps I'll cover it in protective plastic to avoid butter smears on the front. Maybe not...

This weekend will be spent cooking, blogging and reading, 'A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table', by Molly Wizenberg, whom you may recognise from the beautiful blog, Orangette.

Molly, if you're somehow (incredibly, although coincidentally) lost and find yourself on this page, I'm thankful for your thoughtful words and thoroughly look forward to reading about your little story (Oh and due to a glitch in the ordering system, I was sent two copies of your book, which I have now also paid for- So guess what Mum? One copy is heading your way!!).

Finally, four little words to make your tastebuds tingle: sweet almond meal batter. That's what is currently chilling in my small, crowded refrigerator, where it will have to patiently wait until I finish work tomorrow, then pipe it into a tart dish and adorn with a sexy Summer fruit.

Until tomorrow... Sweet dreams.

Bella xx

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