Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Iced Coffee on Bondi- Un Café Glacé par la Plage

Ever had one of those days when you feel like a pick-me-up? A change of scene? A refreshing cool drink perhaps? This is my lazy day with an iced coffee by Bondi Beach, un café glacé par la plage.

I parked the red rocket (and reluctantly overpaid for the opportunity), then skipped across the road under the sprinkling sky, slipped inside a narrow door and found myself inside a bustling café. It is here where I waited until I could order myself an iced coffee.

Recreate it at home, it's much simpler than you're probably used to.
A single espresso shot, poured over ice cubes, then topped with whole milk.

If you want an extra kick, double your shot and add a teaspoon or two of raw sugar.

I love the crunch of the sugar granules as you sip the chilled coffee milk through a straw.

So that's it really. What else is left to do but sit and relax, people-watch, reflect and enjoy the sea breeze.

Bella xx

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