Saturday, May 26, 2012


Those who know me personally are aware that I have an incredibly sweet tooth and this is why I have decided to write about a sweet ice dessert as my first dish in Malaysia.

Behold the simple, yet satisfyingly chilly Cendol.

Cendol (pronounced 'chen-doll') is popular throughout Southeast Asia and is perfect to eat on a hot day, like those we encountered in humid Kuala Lumpur. The variations of the dish we ordered usually comprised of thick light green worm-like strands of jelly made from rice flour coloured with pandan leaves, shaved ice piled high in a small bowl, coconut nilk, red beans and syrup made using black palm sugar (Gula melaka).

By the time we reached the bottom of the bowl the dessert had melted down to a chilled sweet soup and satisfied our sugar cravings for the day. It's the perfect dessert to enjoy following a spicy meal in KL and it averages about RM3 (three Malaysian Ringgit), which equates to approximately $1AUD (one Australian dollar).

Pretty sweet, huh?

Bella xx

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