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Creamy Roasted Potato Salad with Chorizo Avocado and Egg

Do you recall the picnic day I shared with one of my best friend's and her gorgeous daughter a little while ago? It was such a beautiful day, with scrumptious food... Oh how I wish the weather was warm enough to venture outside again to enjoy another one of those lazy days.

Sadly, the Winter chill appears to have arrived early with Autumn (figures as much- We barely caught a glimpse of Summer during her brief visit) and though I planned to go on another picnic, this time with B, I had to change my plans as I managed to develop a bit of a cough and I had to take a raincheck to avoid the cool wind.

What I had planned to make was my creamy roasted potato salad with chorizo, avocado and egg, which I realised is a delicious comfort-food regardless of where I enjoyed it so I decided to make it today anyway.

Comfort foods are the BEST! If you or someone at home is feeling a little bit fuzzy, then I recommend this simple, tasty warm salad. It's a snap to prepare and the aroma of golden roasted potatoes is sure to make even the sookiest family member wonder what's for lunch or dinner.

Served by istelf, it can be a little too much as it is very creamy and rich in flavour, so I would suggest you make it a side dish to either a meat dish, such as grilled scotch fillet or perhaps roast chicken or lamb cutlets.

The following recipe will yield enough warm potato salad for 4-5 sides.

Roasted Potato Salad with Chorizo and Avocado

5 medium sized washed potatoes, roughly chopped (skin on)
I chose Dutch Cream potatoes beacuse their flavour is buttery.
1 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp salt
1 Spanish chorizo, sliced and fried or grilled (I grilled mine)
1 red capscium, chopped into rough squares
1 small avocado, chopped roughly (or in my case: 1/2 a giant, round, ripe Reed avocado)
80 g Greek feta, diced into small cubes, or crumbled if you pick a crumbly variety
Salt and pepper
4 free range eggs, soft-medium boiled (ensure the yolks retain their shape when cut, however a little bit of orange oozy yolk is ok)
3-4 Tbs whole egg mayonnaise (estimate based on individual taste)
1-2 Tbs pure cream*

Preheat a fan-forced oven to 180 degrees Celsius, using your fingers, evenly coat the chopped potatoes with oil, oregano and crack some rock salt over the top. Roast the potatoes for aproximately 15 minutes, turn the potatoes with a wooden spoon then continue to roast until they are slightly golden in colour, and a little crunchy (Ahh the perfect roasted tater). Grill the Spanish chorizo and red capsicum until the colour of the chorizo darkens slightly and the roasted capsicum skin has started to wrinkle a little. Add the roasted potatoes, chorizo, capsicum, avocado and feta to a large bowl (I used the glass deep pie dish that I baked my potatoes in- You can serve your salad in the same dish. Less washing up + more time to eat = awesome).

Dollop your lovely rich whole egg mayonnaise on top, then pour in your cream. Carefully stir until the creamy mayonnaise has coated the ingredients evenly, season with salt and pepper, then add your delicate eggs last (stir just until the eggs are coated with the creamy mayo). I usually omit mixing the eggs into the salad so that they stand out.
If you can't see the eggs in my pictures (you'd be correct), it is because I added them last so that I could enjoy them the way they were designed to be eaten- warm.

If you prefer, you can soft boil your eggs, then peel away the shells and slowly break open the warm, soft eggs over the top. Your yolks will ooze over the salad, and down the creamy crevices of the miniature potato mountain.

A decent crack of pepper will perfectly complete your dish. I wish I had oozing egg yolks in hindsight, but let's face it, this won't be the last time I make this salad so don't be surprised if you happen to stumble upon a post in the future about a roast chicken and see an oozy yolk potato salad boldly standing next to the chook, brimming with creamy pride.

*I used cream in addition to the mayonnaise to ensure the flavour of the mayonnaise was not too overpowering.

Enjoy warm or cold, depending on what you plan to serve it with. This salad is rustic-looking, full of flavour and extremely comforting.

Mr Segue:

Ahh now some of you may have noticed a kind of blog hiatus in recent days and this is solely due to the fact that I have a silly old cold (darn you, you confounded rhinovirus!).. I'm pleased to report that I am on the mend, and not a moment too soon because I will be flying to Malaysia in one week...ONE WEEK! OH MY GOODNESS! That's right around the corner!

I have no idea what to expect, apart from the increase in temperature, humidity and friendly Malaysian people. Care to share any culinary highlights from this fair country? I'll make every effort to try as many dishes as possible and blog about all of them if I can, scouts honour (ha ha I was a Brownie, then a Girl Guide in my youth, not a Girl Scout, but it's pretty much the same thing...)!

Prepare yourselves for the daily countdown to Malaysia, where I attempt to use every perishable item in my fridge before we leave....

Bella xx

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