Monday, May 7, 2012

Dinner and Dessert Rush-A-Thon...

Perhaps the worst Sunday at work one could possibly imagine was followed by a major rush-a-thon to get home in time to help B prepare dinner for five.

Considering I was meant to finish work at 4pm and didn't leave work until 6:30pm, dinner could have been doomed, if it weren't for some careful planning, and a little less tiramisu chilling time than what I had originally hoped for.
Unfortunately I had to sacrifice taking pictures with my camera, so the phone images below will have to suffice.

Dinner was (thankfully) wonderful, so much so that I didn't hand in a letter of resignation first thing Monday morning (tempted as I was).

We dined on twin birds: Poached chicken in clear broth, and a roasted chook in Mum's round-a-round oven (the electric benchtop oven I've mentioned previously). Accompanying the chicken was a lovely plate of blanched green choy sum stems and leaves with a delicious sauce and of course, an Italian dessert that in no way suited the Malaysian main course- A delicate, soft and creamy tiramisu I whipped up (in a frenzy) with my Kangaroo coffee, a dash of Marsala, and dusted with a bittersweet organic cocoa. Alas, who cares if the dessert did not suit the main? It satisifed the sweet-tooths present (Lydia and myself), and that's all that matters...

The chicken was so moist and tender that we plan to cook it again (and again, and again...), once we return from our trip. You can also bet on the fact that a tiramisu recipe will appear shortly too!

Bella xx

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