Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tropical Tioman Island

Tropical greetings from one of Malaysia's most pristine marine parks.

The air is balmy as the breeze gently blows my hair. The water is so clear, it's like moving glass and tropical flowers in vibrant reds, raincoat yellow and pure white bloom at the edge of every pathway.

Our room is located 20 metres from the waters edge and I'm tempted to wander about in a bikini all day, if it weren't for the chance of sunburn.

Sunsets are natures light show. Golden hues, red guava fading to peach and finally soft yellow light the sky.

Today we'll hike to a cascading waterfall, tomorrow snorkelling is on the activity list on a nearby beach with fine white sand, a short boat trip from the main island.

I have taken so many pictures of the various dishes local to Malaysia and eaten more seafood in the past ten days than I have in an entire year back home so stop back here soon for delicious updates.

The people are amongst the warmest, most welcoming, and friendly that I have encountered anywhere else on this planet and I have travelled to more than thirty countries.

I will definitely return in the near future.

Wish you were here...

Bella xx

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