Saturday, May 5, 2012

We love Jumping

The unthinkable has happened... My oven has broken. Now it is merely a dark storage unit for my oven dishes and tart pans. I'd call the landlord, but I know that the likelihood of a repairman arriving before I leave for my trip is about as probable as unscrambling beaten eggs. I'll call when I return.

I did feel a bit annoyed when I discovered the broken oven as I thought it was preheating as I chopped my vegetables for roasting. Of course I didn't realise it was stone cold as the lying timer clicked away.

Oh the joys of renting. Never fear, my wonderful mother provided me with her 'round-a-round', a bench top electric oven, with a fan, a golden light, and a timer with a soft and soothing tick-tick-tick.

We decided against roasting anything... And went to the Royal Botanic Gardens instead.

A day in the life of us. In pictures.

We shared wonton noodle soup under these towering buildings in the CBD

Two cappuccinos later and a flick through some different effects on Mr Canon and we were ready to head to the gardens.

Turns out I'm very ticklish...

Byron found a lovely tree to sit under

And how could I resist this invitation?

Byron told me that in Borneo the men can climb palm trees to reach the coconuts. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not how they do it..

...And in Converse sneakers no less, ha ha...

I thought this tree looked quite remarkable from the side with spiky foliage...

To the side with a flat wall of curvy branches.

As the sun commenced her sleepy descent we caught the bus home where I carefully constructed terrariums from Japanese ferns and emerald green moss in recycled glass bottles, with pebbles that we found on the side of the road after a beautiful stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens. The day started with a broken oven and ended with a bottle of wine, and some Thai take away from the little restaurant across the road from our apartment.

And just when you thought I would not be posting about food that could only be baked in my oven... Think again!

I baked these golden gems a little while ago and am dying to share them with you.

Until the next time...

Bella xx

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