Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quiche Addiction

Something has happened to me dear blog friends... In the two weeks that I have been home I have greatly missed the 30 degree Celsius days and yearned for the sun, sea and bikinis.

I have (sadly) had to adapt to rain, rain and more rain and I have locked myself inside my small shoebox apartment to contemplate grey skies and a grumbling stomach.

Cue this little guy... Well to be more precise (and honest)... FIVE of these little guys.

That's right, in two short, bleak, dark, and incredibly rainy weeks I have managed to bake five quiches.

This is Number Five. He's delicious. Warm, cheesy and comforting.

I've decided the lazy Instagram blog picture ends here. It's time to share more culinary delights with you from the eye of my beautiful Canon DSLR.

Well... Right after I finish this mouthful..

Bella xx

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