Friday, June 8, 2012

A Tropical Postcard Message...LOVE

The most abrupt of endings to a tropical holiday comes when you land on an icy cold wintry morning on home soil after an achingly long and cramped overnight flight.

I didn't mind the cold wind silently greeting my ankles as we stepped off the plane so much as the stark contrast between the friendly Malaysian airport staff versus the unprovoked, rude Customs Officers in Sydney.
The Malaysians farewelled us with broad smiles at midnight, like old friends parting ways, whereas the annoyed expression of the young female Australian Customs Officer as she angrily stamped our passports, whilst avoiding eye contact and impatiently waving us through the long queue of tired travellers with the unmistakable nasally-sounding Australian accent, 'Next please!!!' really irked me (Do we Aussies REALLY sound like that?! It's awful ha ha...).

The immediate icy reception back home (and I don't mean the cool temperature) left me wanting to jump back on the first flight returning to KL.

Alas, all fun holidays do come to an end so we shrugged it off and wheeled our bulging luggage through the doors where we were greeted by Joe, Byron's best friend from Miri who resides in Sydney.

Joe woke early to collect us in his ugh boots and heavy coat, he waited patiently though our flight was delayed and helped pack our heavy bags into his car- That's true Malaysian hospitality, and in Sydney- Thanks for making our return home just that little bit sweeter, Joe.

It's hard to believe that barely two short weeks ago during a vibrant sunset, I found myself wading around waist-deep in the warm, crystal clear tropical waters of a beautiful marine park on Tioman Island. Byron and I joked and splashed carefree as the sun dipped in the sky and with my left arm draped gingerly around Byron's shoulders, I happily sipped my chilled duty-free rum and Coke as we talked openly and quietly to each other.

Very casually, mid-discussion he asked me to marry him.

Very casually, mid-discussion I said, 'Yes'.

So right there, in the middle of a tropical postcard we found ourselves in love and engaged.

And here's the proof...

Icy Sydney, you couldn't possibly ruin this sunny feeling.

I'm so happy I feel like cooking in celebration!

Bella xx

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