Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Sunny Winter Day

The day started very early and very chilly with a trip to our favourite mechanic. That's right I said 'favourite mechanic', without implying any sarcastic undertones. He's a Malaysian man of few words who works in a large auto repair shop reminiscent of an aeroplane hangar in Alexandria, a hop skip and a jump from our apartment.

The men were happy to let me wander about in the repair shop looking at the towers of tyres and admiring the brightly painted signs as they discussed Byron's car details in Mandarin.

We brought Byron's car home, then proceeded to the Carriageworks, an old disused railway station in Redfern, that has been refurbished beyond it's former glory and now serves as a centre for different art festivals, and on Saturday mornings, the impressive Eveleigh Markets.

We purchased some Swiss Brown mushrooms, fresh apples (for baking, apple turnover recipe to follow- Get excited!) and some organic beets.

With all the wonderful bio dynamic foods, artisan cheeses and wine from local growers it was easy to forget that we hadn't eaten breakfast. Our stomachs started to growl and so began the search for a quick bite before we met our friends for lunch.

I love the farmers markets, they are a family and dog-friendly market that promote local produce and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, wine and cheese, free-range pork and a plethora of coffees, sauces, baked goods and smiles from local farmers, their families and workers.

Byron was especially happy after he discovered the Balinese food stall.

He purchased breakfast for us- $5 Balinese vegetarian parcels called Martabak. They are made of very thin pastry, similar to filo pastry that is wrapped around a savoury filling of eggs, spring onions, peas and mushrooms. The filling had a mild but distinct curry flavour and tasted delicious. Easily eaten on the go and worth every cent.

After our Martabak breakfast, we enjoyed lattes made from local organic coffee as we sat on padded milk crates in the sun beside this beautiful window.

All in all it was a fabulous morning but you should see what we had for lunch with Kailee and Lachlan... Lunch post to follow!

Bella xx

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