Monday, October 22, 2012

A Farewell and a Bunch of Lilies

So majestic when the long, slender buds begin to open in the sunshine. They're natures slow-motion eruption of colour.

To reveal flowers so vividly pink, each petal looks as if it were hand painted.

Vibrant and proud they stand, if only for a few days before sadly shrinking and fading...

You could be mistaken for thinking you had stumbled into the Early Cretaceous Period, when the earliest lilies, the water lilies grew an estimated 125 million years ago.

The beautiful flowers are so large, they open wider than the span of my palm and though I like to imagine what other creatures may have been hulking their giant now extinct bodies around when the dinosaur lilies grew, I tend to envisage scenes from Jumanji or Avatar instead.

Then again, sometimes the petals remind me of giant tongues...

These beautiful flowers are made visible to you through my blog courtesy of some former colleagues, who gave them to me on my last day of work. Sweet, huh? I thought so.

The enormous bouquet was given to me at my desk, along with a delicate grey and silver beaded scarf and just when I thought I would never find a vase large enough for the flowers, I was presented with this little beauty...

This is the most exotic looking item I now own.

It's bright, sunny, ooh and ahh-inspiring and suited my Avatar flowers perfectly.

Even Maxi agreed.

Bella xx

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