Friday, October 19, 2012

Packing Blues

Dear Blog Friends.

How are you today? I hope you're well.

I'm... Well, I'm supposed to be packing my Sydney life up into cardboard fruit boxes that have pictures of smiley apples and creepily happy oranges on the side (Why so happy guys? We're going to eat you!). The past week has consisted of the following: Lazy mornings, late breakfasts, wake-me-up stretches, warm showers accompanied by one inquisitive cat trying to shamelessly peer through my shower screen until I belt out some crackly tunes in my morning voice (Read: Scares Maxi away).

Long city walks on the warmer days, admittedly some boredom... I paint my nails mint green (only because I wasn't permitted to sport that colour at work, plus it makes me think about Summer more), I make a smoothie, stare out the window blankly at the city, day dream, then zap back to my body and pack a few more boxes. Canned food, dry rice noodles, gluten free bread wraps that expired .... In 2011... Wait! How long have they been there? Grumbles.

Frustrated at being cooped up like a deranged pigeon in a small apartment, I down my smoothie in large gulps, wipe my mouth, rinse the cup and then vacuum like a mad woman, determined to make use of the day productively. This wave of energy serves me well for the next hour, then I break for a late lunch. Grilled chicken leftovers with mushrooms, spinach, broccoli and sweet corn on the cob. Hunger satisfied, I open the fridge door and stare blankly inside waiting for some liquid inspiration.

Spotted at 12 o'clock: One golden Small Acres Poire Cider from Byron's boss. Score.

I take a quick swig of the pear cider that is produced in a mircobrewery here in Sydney, sigh loudly to myself at the mess that is my living room and kitchen, chuckle at the strange arrangement of cushions, chairs, food, boxes and the sad out-of-date gluten free bread, take one more swig and then it's back to 'work'.

I toss the GF bread into my little plastic bag-lined kitchen tidy, then noisily tape the cardboard box shut and heave it onto the growing pile.

I take another swig of cider, play 'Bust a Move' on my laptop, groove around my living room for a bit in my daggy sweats as Maxi stares on quizzically, then make my bed and lie on it. Literally.

I nap for an hour or so and when I wake it's dark, I can hear crickets outside my window and some how I managed to get under the covers.

I get up, reheat some seafood laksa, add some freshly cooked rice noodles and grilled broccoli, then eat dinner in front of the TV with Maxi purring softly next to me on the arm of my lounge chair. I like to chill out with Friends.

After dinner, the next box I fill contains a handful of my most precious items.

I cannot wait to unpack my cook books in my new kitchen by the sea.

Bella xx


  1. "Why so happy guys? We're going to eat you!"

    Haha I love you!

  2. You would be entertained if you could read my thoughts as I pack, Soph. Very strange indeed! I'd love to see how your dinner turned out. Did you take pics? xx


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