Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sea: La Mar

In anticipation of our east coast Summer move to a beach house and in celebration of the beginning of daylight savings this month, I thought I would share with you a typical Australian Summer day celebrated early, in the middle of Spring because...

We. Just. Can't. Wait.

This is a story of pictures.

Take one small red car and a young couple seeking adventure on a leisurely drive down the coast...

Add an impossibly bright, cloudless blue sky illuminated by warm sunlight and what you have my friends, is a recipe for a beautiful day.

Here is a fun one to share: Our wedding rings. Byron selected mine, hoping I would like it... I actually love it. I wear it without my engagement ring because I think it has an understated elegance. Byron's ring has a beautiful satin finish in white gold, with a thin polished edged on either side of the satin band.

And now... Our breakfast!!

Byron sipped on a smooth cappuccino, whilst I enjoyed a sweet hot chocolate. I loved the aqua cup and saucers- very beachy.

Byron ordered the impressively stacked hotcakes, served between layers of thickly sliced banana, and topped with a generous dollop of sweet ricotta. The architectural wonder was drizzled with maple syrup and served with hot grilled bacon and lightly stewed blueberries.

As for the gluten-free choice, I opted for soft, buttery scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, pork and herb sausages*, and oh so tasty browned mushrooms and golden potatoes. I should have my cardiologist on speed-dial... I should have a cardiologist...

*(Byron helped me to eat the sausages as they can contain gluten and I didn't want to risk it).

Put it another way, breakfast was gooooood.

I loved every minute of our seaside drive and cannot wait to test some gluten free hotcakes out at home, though I think I'll save that recipe for the move to the coast...

I picture myself flipping the sizzling hotcakes in a large pan after a morning run on the beach, my salty, damp hair tied into a loose bun, and my stomach growling in anticipation of my breakfast as The Beautiful Girls, 'La Mar' strums soothingly in the background.

Take a few minutes out of your day: Click on the 'La Mar' link above, close your eyes and you can see it. A kitchen with sea views in a small beach house, sizzling hot cakes, local seasonal bananas and blueberries and the flowing maple syrup, golden and silky. I can't wait.

Bella xx

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