Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Wild Welcome

We're here! We're here! I'm proud to say we currently reside in a beautiful beach house with gorgeous ocean views, bamboo floors downstairs and polished hard timber floors upstairs. When we pulled into the driveway after our seven hour drive in a convoy of packed vehicles containing everything we own, the logical thing to do would have been to stretch our legs, unload the vehicles, eat, shower and fall into bed, however there was a terrible storm the night we arrived...

Many homes were damaged, some lost their rooftops, others had trees crash through them, flinging roof tiles onto the street. Vehicles were pelted with large hail stones the size of golf balls, a large tree branch fell through a car windscreen, family pets hid under beds and outdoor furniture was picked up in the violent winds and thrown messily about on the small roads and across lawns.

It was a battlefield. 'Us', the puny people against Mother Nature in all her fury. Storm water drains overflowed with the torrential rain and the excess water flooded sections of the highway. Fortunately the emergency responses were rapid and we had plenty of warning during the last 30 minutes of our journey with the bright yellow lights of the SES (State Emergency Service) flashing boldly in front of the water hazards. With nowhere safe to pull our vehicles over due to the highway upgrade, we pushed on through the dangerous conditions at a snail's pace.

Once we arrived, we gathered armfuls of the bare essentials and raced inside where we dried off and passed out from exhaustion.

At first light we were up, cooking, cleaning, unpacking and marvelling in the sunshine at how distant the storm that battered the coast six hours previously seemed. Somehow our new home escaped any damage, the only unrest I noticed were a few palm fronds that has fallen onto the grass.

There's a long way to go as far as cleaning, tidying and unpacking but with a bit of time we will make our print on this little beachside abode.

Bella xx


Thank you for taking the time to leave your messages. I love reading your words and sharing snippets from our seaside life with you.

Love Bella xx


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