Friday, December 21, 2012

So The World Hasn't Ended Yet...

An old friend once shared with me a dream they had where they were seated on top of a hill watching a light grow in the darkened sky, calmly knowing that the end of the world was very near.

I recall thinking at the time that I too would like to be perched somewhere with an incredible vantage point in order to witness such an event if our world were to end in that way. In envisaged something similar to the view from the room where we stayed during our Melbourne holiday.

Years passed and perspectives for me it would seem have changed...

No longer am I concerned with watching for signs of the apocalypse than I am with focusing on who is standing with me throughout my small, precious life.

He's the one who always has my back, through difficult times

And the lighter ones

He's the one who makes the difference in vantage point.

And when I look at him, I always feel warmth and love

In truth I have no idea what prophecies shaped the modern day interpretation of the Mayan calendar and global possible doomsday chatter. I'm not phased in the slightest because I have a very complete life with someone who makes each day a better day than the last and if I'm lucky, I do that for him too

Bella xx

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