Sunday, December 9, 2012

Welcome to the Family Coco

We adopted a puppy from the RSPCA yesterday. Can you guess her breed or cross breed?

It might be a tough one!!!

The vet has estimated her age between seven and ten months. She was unclaimed at the local pound after being found wandering around the streets by herself. The RSPCA accepted her and after passing their behaviour training, socializing happily with the other dogs (including her Great Dane neighbour) and the mandatory desexing we adopted her into our home.

She has been microchipped and registered and now this previously unnamed puppy is home.

Welcome to the family Coco.

Bella xx


  1. I love her! Her eyes and face look a little bit like a Dachshund - gorgeous :) You guys will be the best parents.

  2. She's a dachshund- fox terrier cross. Correctly guessed Soph!
    Such a well behaved little girl. We are thoroughly enjoying spending time with her and Maxi cat.


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