Friday, February 8, 2013

Recycled Lighthouses

My mother found a pair of rather ugly bold coloured lighthouse stands during a council collection day a few years ago. They were lying down on the side of road, looking rather neglected and had been painted roughly in vibrant blue, green, yellow and red. A large crack had formed in one and sometime during it's life, a child had scribbled in ink across the yellow painted wood. All in all, they were in a sorry state.

Rummaging through some of Mum's bits and pieces, I stumbled upon the twin lighthouses and wondered what they might look like if a bit of love was painted over them. I was reminded of the old saying, 'One man's trash is another man's treasure'.

This afternoon, as the sun cast long, warm shadows through my laundry door I gathered what I needed to breathe new life into the little lighthouse stands. You may notice Coco's redecorating skills in the form of a badly ripped fly screen. She must've been bored one day...

Once I stepped outside I was struck with how much beauty surrounds us at our new home.

New paint.

Old paint.

A tiny spectator.

New web, old house.

First coat drying.

I've since applied a second coat and all that they need now is a touch of blue, a soft hue to remind me of a coastal lighthouse. It's funny. When I was looking for the perfect blue, I picked up a small tube at Spotlight that was in the clearance aisle. It wasn't until I arrived home that I read the label.

'Coastal Blue'.

Bella xx


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    1. Hi Joanna, thanks for following along! I love breathing new life into neglected pieces, it's developing into a fun hobby (when I have the time that is). Just for your reference I am currently running a giveaway too. There are seven different ways to enter, the only mandatory method of entering is joining Sea and Salt, which you've already done. Now all you need to do is pop over to the giveaway post and comment 'Joined Sea and Salt' at this link:
      The winner will be drawn on the last day of February 2013.
      Thanks again for joining!
      Bella xx

  2. I like the tiny spectator and the beauty with which you have captured the web!!

    1. Thank you Supreet. I couldn't believe how patient the grasshopper was, he sat there whilst I mucked about with the aperture. Lucky me! As for the spiders web, I'm actually quite frightened by spiders, have been since I was a little girl but there is something captivating by their webs. Every day I see a new one, some a really large (I wonder how big that makes the spiders...... Better not think too much about that!). ;P
      Bella xx

  3. Awesome, I love wooden lighthouses, I had one as a child. I love Sea themed things. especially in houses by the sea xx

    1. Hi Ruby, lovely to see you back here! What colour was your lighthouse as a child and what was it? A bookshelf? A lamp perhaps? I really do love living by the sea and there are so many sea themed items in and around my home. I will take more pictures of them one day soon to share them with you.
      Bella xx


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