Friday, February 22, 2013


Flash Flood Friday..

I have arrived home for the third time this year to a dark house, sans electricity. Today's journey was a little different because I had to drive through some flooding to make it home for the weekend. The alternative was to be stranded for the next three days; not really a suitable option.

I left work early before the storm worsened and I'll admit that I was quite frightened for a large part of the journey.

I'm thrilled to report that I'm now home safe, with a puppy curled up next to me. Maxi cat is resting too, purring softly as he warms my feet.

Now I can enjoy the sound of the storm with a glass of well deserved red as the last of the daylight fades and my flickering candle casts dancing shadows across my bedroom wall.

I hope you're all safe, wherever you might be.

Bella xx


Thank you for taking the time to leave your messages. I love reading your words and sharing snippets from our seaside life with you.

Love Bella xx


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