Friday, May 17, 2013

Twenty Something

Twenty-nine somethings to be precise...

As the first rays of yesterday morning pierced the sky in fiery orange columns of light radiating from a glowing orb I sat on the top step of our verandah, distracted by my thoughts. It was a cool morning, the first cool morning I've felt this year, as if the breath of winter was finally heralding her impending arrival. Soon.

I tightened the shoelaces of my worn running shoes and decided I would wear them until they fell to pieces, threadbare and useless. For now, they would suffice for my morning run along a vast sandy shore. I tucked the frayed laces into my shoes as soft rays of sunlight flickered through the trees along the beach. My sun-kissed skin glowed with warmth where the light touched it and I inhaled deeply.

That breath was filled with the distinct aromatic scent of the lavender shrub from the base of my front steps, mixed with the intoxicating salty seaside air.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned twenty-nine. Despite all my previous fears of ageing too quickly to accommodate my life's plans, my bucket list, I felt relaxed, calm and ready. There's still plenty of time.

I think the lavender helped.

Bella xx


  1. Happy birthday we're a day (and a few years apart).

    1. Happy birthday dear Lila Wolff :)
      Love Bella xx

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope it was a good day.

  3. Thank you Cheeky! It was a fabulous day, spent with my two favourite people, my mother and my husband. We shared a seaside picnic at a beautiful lookout and relaxed in comfort. Walking the dogs was a little challenging but added to the fun.
    Bella xx


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Love Bella xx


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