Sunday, June 16, 2013

24/52 Byron in Film

A portrait of my family once a week, every week in 2013

Byron: He arrived home today after a long trip away from us. He smiled from behind his thick rimmed glasses and just like that, the weeks apart vanished.

I used the last of a roll of film for this picture and Byron, well... He wasn't ready to be snapped. I hastily delivered it to the print store and we spent the afternoon with Coco at the beach before sitting down with his grandparents, Popo (grandmother) and Kong Kong (grandfather) to eat slow cooked chicken and vegetables in delicious broth.

Tomorrow I will head back to work and Byron will play tourist guide to two of his favourite people. When I eventually return home (some twelve hours later), I will sit down to type the rest (hopefully) of my final uni assignment. The long, drawn out research has dampened my mood and zapped my energy but having Byron here with my Malaysian family has helped with the anxiety.

Tomorrow evening I will share with you all the winner of my giveaway. If you haven't entered yet, a small handful of hours remain to follow the link and enter... Good luck my blogger friends!

Bella xx


  1. I love this weeks portait Bella! Enjoy having your in laws here and best of luck with the assignment. X

  2. Very cool pic Bella! Good luck with your assignment. xo

  3. We had lunch with Justin's Porpor yesterday. It is good to have the extended family around. ps love the classic B&W shot of Byron


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