Sunday, July 28, 2013

30/52 Splish Splash

A portrait of my family once a week, every week in 2013

Bella: Some days you have to brave the rain to jump in puddles and laugh as loud and hard as your lungs will allow.
Coco: The frown. Not overly thrilled to be standing in the pouring rain. What's your crazy friend Bella up to, Coco?

This week it rained. It was cold, bitterly cold. The wind whipped my hair and face each day. Even Coco seemed reluctant to leave her bed to venture onto the sand, which surprised me as she has always loved to sprint across the beach, flicking water in her wake.

This week I forced myself into gumboots and a weather-proof jacket to visit the sandy shores of our beach. For some reason I had the overwhelming urge to jump in salty sea puddles, so I went with it. The sound of noisy splashes took me back to my formative years when childish laughter erupted for no apparent reason other than from the pure joy experienced from the simplest activities. Coco loved the unabashed, playful fun and joined me in the water.

It is with the same joy that I share my favourite posts from this week with you. Atticus knows how to have real fun in puddles, as does sweet Eleanor with her tiny toes splashing about.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway. Time is getting away, soon the days will run out like the salt water with the low tide.

Laugh until your sides ache this week. Spend time with loved ones and lose yourselves in the moment. It's worth every second.

Bella xx


  1. These pictures are so beautiful Bella! I love your wellies too, they're such a lovely colour. xx

    1. Thank you Alice. As for the wellies (my husband calls them wellies too, I grew up calling them gumboots), Byron purchased them for me as a gift. I love the colour too.
      B xx

  2. Some weeks you just need to jump in the puddles, rather than avoiding them

  3. That looks like such a beautiful little adventure!

  4. oh wow...your pictures are so idyllic! love the first picture!


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Love Bella xx


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