Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Coastal Stroll

On Saturday morning as the sun rose in golden beams over the sea and soft light filtered through my morning blinds I felt a sense of calm that I had not experienced in some time. Byron was home and lightly sleeping next to me, our guests had left the previous weekend and I had the entire weekend to fill with any particular activity of my choice. No pressures, no approaching deadlines. Monday seemed forever away. What to do with my precious time? As you may have gathered from my previous post, we went whale watching in the late morning, Byron went surfing in the afternoon and on a dismally grey Sunday we spent time indoors to cook beautiful food, whilst sheets of cold rain fell against a dark seaside backdrop.

The early hours of my Saturday morning were spent strolling with Coco along the shores of three separate beaches, linked by soft sand. We woke, stretched, dressed and were out the door in time to see the sun rise above the horizon, warming everything the light touched. Very soon my heavy coat was off my back and draped over one shoulder as my cheeks flushed pink. We crossed three small rivers, fresh water runoff from the the mountains due to the recent rain and oh my goodness did the icy water make my ankles ache.

The walk stretched on for many kilometres, there was nothing but the soft salty breeze and the company of my sweet little dog as she excitedly darted in strange directions following what I can only imagine must have been wonderful scents of beach visitors who had long since left the shore. Solitude, calm, the sounds of the waves on the beach, smooth round pebbles and nothing but my thoughts. I stopped a while to meditate, taking slow deep breaths of sea air, noticing how each breath felt different from the last. When I eventually opened my eyes I took in a view of the beautiful blue sea before me, not another living creature in sight, except a few hovering seagulls and a tiny brown puppy sitting by my side. I felt like I had all the time in the world. I felt content with a sense of calm energy. It was then that I noticed a misty white spout of water shoot upwards out of the blue sea and seconds later a smaller spray of white water. A Humpback and her young calf.

Somewhere ahead, from what was to be our whale watching lookout, Byron sat in his car waiting for us to arrive. He took pictures from afar and I must say, I feel the same sense of calm when I look at this particular picture. Nothing but expansive beach, stretching out for miles and not another soul in sight, except my little Coco.

To live by the sea is a blessing. I am grateful for this blessing every day.

Bella xx

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