Saturday, September 14, 2013

37/52 Beach Grass

A portrait of my family once a week, every week in 2013

Coco: Watching the graceful birds soar in the sea breeze.

This week we worked hard, took time off, visited the dentist, played one-on-one soccer with a fox terrier cross dachshund as referee- Somehow she won??

Byron captured this image of Coco hidden on a sandy dune, surrounded by tall pale green blades of beach grass. She secretly watched sea birds parade along the shore before darting out and chasing them into the water. As always, they evaded her by the magic of flight.

This image for me whispers of summer. On a warm spring afternoon, they explored a deserted beach one hour before sunset.

I love spring, the longer days, the colourful flowers in seaside gardens and the sweet scent of orange blossoms as they begin to bloom. I love spring because it reminds me that life begins a new cycle, powered by the same sun light that beams throughout spring into our seemingly endless summers.

Bella xx

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  1. Hey Bella, popping in again to visit your beautiful blog. I also am loving the hints of summer. Not long now. Beautifully written! x

  2. We're just getting ready for fall here so it's weird to hear you're at the beginning of spring! Great picture - hope you had a good weekend :)


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