Friday, September 6, 2013

Educating Creativity with Nature

Sometimes we must look at familiar scenes with fresh eyes. Have you ever spent a long time trying to find the answer to a complex problem before? Whether it be writer's block interfering with your next sentence, difficulty trying to find the answer to a mathematical equation or perhaps anxiety trying to make financial ends meet until your next pay...
Sometimes the answer is there, right in front of you all along and the key to finding it is taking a break for a short while and coming back with new eyes. Have a sleep, take a relaxing shower, talk to a friend, grab a creamy latte or perhaps go for a walk and look at something else for a while.

How do we find solutions to life's tricky problems with tired, weary eyes? Often we cannot. It certainly helps our mental state to take a well earned break from time to time and this is my little reminder to you.

'Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it.'
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today is Friday. For me it has been a long and at times, quite stressful week but the clock goes on ticking whether or not I'm satisfied with my day's efforts. This week Byron and I have been pushed to our limits with work, personal life and trying to sort through all of this whilst playing the important roles of caring friends.

Sometimes we cannot provide everything that other's may expect of us. Sometimes all we can offer is a warm bed or a birthday cake or a friendly ear to listen. Sometimes we barely have the time for us so it can be difficult to be there for others, especially when we need the time to heal too.

Educating ourselves through new perspectives, from fresh angles, in different light uses our natural surrounds as our teacher. When you are asked to listen, do you merely pay attention to what somebody is saying or do you hear the birds chirping, the waves crashing, a clock ticking or perhaps children laughing?

Walking outside with your morning tea, feeling the damp soft grass under your feet, closing your eyes and feeling the warmth of the sunlight upon your face. These are all wonderful sensations, simple actions and free. Inhaling deeply through your nose, smelling the salty sea in the breeze or hearing the whispers of nature on your doorstep can help you to tap into and foster your creativity through the beauty that is nature.

This week I caught myself out thinking, 'I've got to take Coco for a walk.' I was looking at this situation with old eyes. Walking with Coco along a beautiful beach as the sun rises, stretching tired limbs into various energy-lifting yoga positions on the sand and feeling the sea breeze soft and cool against my face as we run back home are not difficult problems that I must do to 'take the dog for a walk'.

Coco is my little friend, a very sweet companion and the run with her, amongst the gorgeous natural seascape is a privilege that I look forward to with fresh perspective, with new eyes.

Bella xx


  1. Lovely post Bella. I think it is important tat we women say no sometimes. You can not be present to everyone all of the time. True friends will understand this. Especially at this time of healing when you need to give your energy to you and Byron. Stay well beautiful Bella and have a great weekend xo

  2. Instead of saying you must take Coco for a walk, you should be saying I will give Bella time for herself ths week-end to do what she needs to make her happy


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Love Bella xx


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