Monday, October 7, 2013

40/52 Relax Max

A portrait of my family once a week, every week in 2013

Max: Relaxing on the cool floor, he watches me intently.

Here Maxi stares at me from the top of our stairs, cool air from the bathroom provides relief for him on a hot day. Our sweet pets, they're irreplaceable. They're a part of our tiny family, important parts that make the whole machine click by day after day.

The air is more dry than I recall from last spring, this season is warming early. The grass is crunchy under our bare feet. Local bush fires lick the air, threatening towns. They are here earlier than I remember too. It seemed like only last week that we were battling the flooding from Cyclone Oswald and the crisp, cool mornings that made beach walks, surfing and venturing outdoors somewhat undesirable. This is our first year living directly next to a national park. The lack of rain, thirsty soil, drooping plants and constant deposits of dead leaves remind us to prepare. This long weekend we have been clearing dead, dry plant matter, leaves, branches and grass. We compost what we can, clear our gutters and back up our photos. We might never have to leave in a hurry, but one day we might...

This week I'm digging portraits with animals. Farm life, bunny baby-chino. I'm also fascinated by these lovelies: Pumpkin fun, hide-and-seek, morning shadows. I'm reminded of all the important things in our lives. Children, pets, photographs, our farm yard friends...

If you live in a region at risk of bush fires... Please. Prepare.

~Joining Jodi and friends~

Love Bella xx

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  1. Bush fire season makes me nervous. A while back the empty lot near us caught on fire.

    My 2 kitties use to sleep in the shower stall or bathtub during the hot summer months. :) They are so cute!

    1. They've been a few local fires about. The days have been got, dry and extremely windy... The worst conditions for battling a blaze. Thankfully we are prepared.
      I recently brushed Maxi and was surprised at the amount of fur he is losing with the warm weather. Have you ever bathed your cats, Feli?
      B x


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Love Bella xx


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