Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Living Green Part I

I know little about succulents, yet somehow I am surrounded by them. What can I tell you about succulents, apart from the obvious: They are beautiful, brightly coloured, and varied in appearance. Some look like flapjacks, aptly named of course. Others look like clusters of two-tone jelly beans, some resemble miniature spiky ornaments, with bold forms and foliage. Many are hardy, drought tolerant plants, that are perfect for long summers and cool winters. They are water-wise plant options for your garden and many varieties are so hardy, they can survive with little help from you.

Our neighbours and us, we share a love for succulents. These images were captured in the children's garden next door, but if you've visited Sea and Salt before, you may have seen some of our own. They adorn pots, courtyards, window sills and peep out from our sandy soil, between rocks in strange places. Selecting unique succulents with brightly coloured pots can give your space a facelift, without blowing the budget.

If you have limited space, maybe you live in an inner-city apartment or perhaps you lack room for a garden, then succulents will provide an eco-friendly option to introduce some green (or red or orange or grey...) life into your home, without breaking the bank account. If you rent your home, simply take your potted plants with you when you leave. Simple living at it's finest.

Plant outdoor garden succulents in autumn or spring, seasons with less rain. Avoid planting outdoors in regions with excessive wet seasons or frosty winters. Potted succulents will require a succulent potting mix, with sand and a sunny position. Suitable pots can range from ornamental glazed pots, popularly reserved for bonsais to urns, backyard-crafted planter boxes, indoor glass vases, buckets, old watering cans or perhaps miniature terracotta pots.

Not sure where to position your succulent? Think windowsill, terrace, pool deck, court yards, garden, front porch, inside your home, on your bedside table, as a coffee table feature... Anywhere they can be protected from extreme heat and cold and have enough sunshine, depending on the requirements of the variety you choose. They make great gifts too and can survive a little tough love if you avoid over-watering.

I love succulents because they remind me of our coastal home. Whenever I have visited this little seaside bungalow over the years, I have always been greeted by the fleshy, plump, spiky forms of these strangely beautiful plants. They're always here and now that we live in this little house, they are ours to admire every day.

Do you have any succulents? What are your best tips for planting and maintaining these gorgeous plants? Perhaps you grow your own from cuttings. Feel free to share your succulent stories below.

Bella xx


  1. Oh my gosh. Those are so pretty! They're one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you Jennie. I love succulents too, they are impressive, alien-like and remind me of the coast.
      Bella xx


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