Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ocean Breeze

On clear spring evenings, we wander down to the sea. If we're lucky the air is calm, only a gentle ocean breeze blows wayward strands of my auburn hair. Cool salty air bristles the bare skin of my neck as I pull the sleeves of my sweater down over my fingers. I smile to myself as I recall this is a habit my mother used to disapprove of when I was a teenager.

Days pass and we return to the shore. This time we try in vain to teach Coco to 'stay'. Sometimes I think she is so clever that it is she who is training us. We persist for fifteen minutes, rewarding her with liver treats before we turn to walk towards the jagged point of Witches Reef.

The next morning, an offshore land breeze blasts cool air across the breaking waves. Sea water sprays off the crest of the waves in impressive arcs and further out to sea, the familiar triangular shape of a sailboat can be seen racing along at an alarming speed.

A cheeky seagull parades infront of me as I stare in disbelief. Surely he can see Coco fix her gaze upon his plump, feathered breast. Hours later, onshore afternoon winds increase in intensity from the southeast, whipping the shore, and howling with wild stories of distant storms.

We jog along the shore together, taking turns to run in front of the other. Coco splashes in the tiny breakers as I focus on my breathing. We pause at the end of the beach to stretch with yoga and play before returning home for a warm shower.

Coastal trees bow, their leaves rustling with the wind. I close my eyes and listen to the steady rhythm of the waves as they gently roll ashore. When I open my eyes, I gaze along the beach and marvel at how the top layer of sand is magically picked up and blown in fluid, moving shapes across the beach.

Suddenly, as if a giant switch is turned off, the wind stops. The air is clear, and the sound of the ocean is somehow amplified.

As the sun dips, it casts golden orange, pink and pale violet hues across the sky. I turn to watch Byron walk beside me, in the soft light his skin takes on a peachy glow.

My heart grows with happiness. This is my seaside life. This is home. Sometimes all I can do is stare at the expansive ocean and breathe deeply.

Bella xx

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