Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Very Special Announcement

Dear Friends,

Don't get too excited just yet…

Sadly, I am not pregnant as you may have guessed from the post title. In fact, despite over 12 months of trying we have decided instead to busy ourselves with other little projects which brighten our minds and fill our hearts with joy.

Over the past several weeks, Byron and I have discussed upgrading our current Canon 600D DSLR camera. I may have made a few bold statements about wanting to upgrade right now because I started to receive messages with offers for the 600D last week. This was before I had seriously considered whether I was willing to actually part with my beautiful, clever little camera.
Alas, Byron had already listed it for sale and so the offers continued to flow into my inbox.

This week Byron took his second bold step by ordering a Canon 6D, which is due to arrive on the sandy doorstep of our seaside cottage any day now.

My very special announcement is directed to lovely people living on the mid north coast of New South Wales. I will be looking to take free portraits of women who are expecting, including their partners and their family. I aim to progress my knowledge of photography and hopefully produce timeless, treasured stills of your special bond with your unborn baby. I'd love to be able to capture fleeting moments, the glowing skin, shiny hair, perfectly swollen bellies and the joy that many women experience as they near the birth of their child.

I want to be able to share in your experience of motherhood by taking pictures for you during your pregnancy, and perhaps a second visit after you welcome your little one into the exciting, noisy, bright world. This experience, I hope, will enable me to improve my portrait skills and allow me to share in the special, life-changing moments that women live through as their belly swells with the growth of their tiny baby.

I'm fascinated by pregnancy and am hopeful that some beautiful ladies out there might consider this post.

I imagine soft hair, natural skin, soft floaty fabrics and beautiful baby bumps on a quiet beach somewhere...

Think about it. Get excited about it. I am.

Love Bella xx


  1. Such a beautiful idea. I wish I had photos taken of my baby bumps......xo

    1. So far I have one lovely lady lined up and another is considering… What a blessing to be able to work with women during their pregnancies xxx


Thank you for taking the time to leave your messages. I love reading your words and sharing snippets from our seaside life with you.

Love Bella xx


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