Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Seaside Life Part I

The salt water heals the cuts on my hands from my earlier fight with a stubborn prickly bush that did not want to leave the earth of my seaside garden. The golden sun light kisses my skin with warmth as I close my eyes, hold my breath and dip below a small crystal clear wave. The cool water feels refreshing, as if it is cleansing away the long strenuous hours spent landscaping my garden. Thousands of tiny bubbles hiss as they rupture on the surface, I open my eyes to see the next set of waves move slowly towards me. With long, powerful strokes I swim through the waves, kicking my legs, remembering the feeling of the current.

From the shore Coco barks a warning for me to return. In one smooth, fluid motion I flip my body and catch the next wave to shore. As I approach, she races towards me, barking, splashing and letting me know I should not have ventured so far.

We run across the wet sand, flicking droplets of sea water with each stride. An off-shore wind picks up very suddenly, separating curls of my wet hair into wavy strands. The wind cools my skin as we race back to my towel. I scoop up my keys and sunglasses as Coco reaches my side.

Together we walk home with dripping hair, sandy toes, and wide, salty smiles.

This is our morning ritual, this is our seaside life.

Bella xx

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