Monday, December 9, 2013

Colours of a Seaside Christmas

Ruby red petals and waxy leaves as vibrant as giant emeralds. These are the exotic colours of the red frangipani that grows outside my kitchen window this steamy December.

Look to nature if you want to feel inspired by the festive season. Our driftwood Christmas tree is up, adorned with Japanese glass fishing floats, handmade decorations crafted from seashells on strings of fishing line with blue and green beads and twinkling white lights.

Feeling the joy of Christmas early this year.

Do you celebrate this holiday? Are you doing anything different this year? Is your tree up? Do you celebrate Christmas in the Winter or the Summer?

I'd love to hear about your plans. Links to your blogs in the comments below are very welcome!

Merry Christmas dear friends!

Bella xx

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