Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Seaside Christmas

the neighbours real Christmas tree // evening walks with festive nails // orange and pickled beet salad

he watches as I wrap presents // technicolor crab // the scent of summer

lobster, soft shell crab and prawns for lunch // a present arrives // skimming stones at eight p.m.

My Christmas holidays have begun. Every meal is brightly coloured with the freshest ingredients. Leafy greens from our garden, garnishes of coriander, sweet basil, orange slices and purple beets fill our plates. Long days are celebrated with hours at the beach skimming stones across the water with my best friends. Every day more gifts arrive in the mail. Brown paper parcels adorned with postage stamps and fancy handwriting. Oh joy!

Every street is filled with the sweet scents of tropical flowers. Mouths drip with the pink juices of ripe watermelons. Cicadas sing, wine flows, Bing Crosby crackles on the record player as we dine on dolmades, marinated chicken, and tapas in the backyard with friends and family.

How do you celebrate the festive season?

Summer is here and it feels like Christmas.

Bella xx



  1. Wow Bella....I like the technicolor crab and your beautiful narration :)

    1. Thank you :) I could not believe the colours on his shell. What a cool little crab! Merry Christmas Supreet. xx

  2. I'm loving your photos! I hope you and your little family have a marvelous Christmas!!

    1. Thank you hon. Same to you. What a marvellous year of sharing photos and little stories. I am in love with your blog and hope you continue to share in the new year. Merry Christmas. Love and blessing from our seaside home to you, your hubby, your little lamb and handsome fox. xx


Thank you for taking the time to leave your messages. I love reading your words and sharing snippets from our seaside life with you.

Love Bella xx


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