Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Final Moments of 2013

ship relic

green smoothie // tea time

lost in thought // a coastal rainforest

perfect day for a dive, Port Macquarie // a shed full of seashells // the break wall coin laundry

We certainly filled 2013 with noisy adventures, busy weekends, family holidays, crazy work hours and perhaps less sleep than was needed.

Then there were the lazy days, the ones spent quietly in tiny cafe windows, watching the world blur by behind cups of earl grey; or spent exploring tiny shacks filled with antique ship treasures from days past- Some more genuine than others.

Many days were spent drenched in warm sunlight by the sea, stretching on until dusk when the sky would fade to soft hues of pink and the sea mist would settle over the water like a woolly blanket.

On those days I would walk along the shore, hand-in-hand with my best friend feeling blessed to call this magical place our home.

The new year has brought new adventures already. 19 days in and I've been bed-bound for more than half of 2014. Illness has rocked my body, zapped my energy, stolen my strength and chipped away at my resolve.

Thankfully, on this 19th day of the new year, I'm feeling a little better.

Tomorrow I will attempt to return to work but today… Today I will attempt to get out of bed.

Wishing you all good health and sunshine.

Bella xx

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