Sunday, February 9, 2014

Holidays Past

From time to time I like to look at our old holiday pictures. I love building this life together with Byron, Maxi cat and Coco. We have our own unique history, one which makes me smile, reminisce, yearn for more adventures and it serves as an important reminder that we've packed so much into such a brief time together.

These pictures were taken on Boxing Day, the day we celebrated Christmas due to work commitments which fell on December 25th.

It was a lazy day spent poolside under the warm sun.

Byron soaked up the morning warmth whilst I dipped my toes in the clear pool, keen to feel weightless in the salt water.

Coco flipped through a magazine with a little help from Byron to turn the pages. I think she gathered some decorating ideas because I later found a tissue turned into confetti on my bed.

I love the familiar, warm feeling I have when I look at these pictures. They make me laugh.

Sometimes I pull faces at my husband, it's rather strange the expressions he captures with the camera. I really should learn not to do 'crazy eyes'. After all, if I don't have the camera in my hands, it's almost always in his...

Do you ever go through your old pictures with your family? Are you amazed at how much you have changed throughout the years? Tiny details are captured in special moments. When I look back, even twelve months ago I see that our hair has grown, or Byron's is shorter. Coco was half her current size and there was that time when Maxi had a small, round cut on his head, like a third eye.

Byron's skin turns golden brown in the warmer months and in the winter time I have pale skin, my freckles more pronounced. Our clothing style changes as do the meals we prepare.

I treasure every time we decided to lug the heavy camera along on a little adventure.

It's fascinating. It's our history. It's uniquely us.

Bella xx

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