Monday, March 31, 2014

Bumpin' 19 weeks... Baby, You Got the Moves!

Dear Little One,

Your rapid growth took my breath away this week. In previous weeks I haven't had much to gauge how much you had changed. I've relied on medical textbooks, journal articles and of course the lighter reading found on websites dedicated to pregnancy and comparing your size to that of various pieces of common fruit (this week you're as large as a heirloom tomato if you were wondering...).

Personally, I like to feel informed from my own research but with the heavier, arduous task of reading scientific articles it can be quite overwhelming. You see, to learn about your growth, development and the progression of pregnancy is exciting but at the same time I am also learning about the less desirable or frightening aspects of pregnancy. The complications, the heartaches and the loss that some women experience.

Responsible research is important but for now I'm going to focus on the positives because you're reaching your milestones and that in itself is a miracle for us.

You: Monday saw us visit the Radiology Centre where I waddled in like a duck with a very full bladder. For 45 minutes we saw intimate details of your tiny body, your internal organs in two-dimensional black and white images. Some were very easy to identify, your tiny heart could be witnessed beating away with such fervour that I felt a sense of calm pride I have never before experienced.

Concerns: We've been advised that I have a lobulated placenta, which could be normal, although I've been informed that it could potentially be a cause for concern a little way down the track if it begins to starve you of nourishment. At this stage, however you are healthy, your growth is increasing as it should and with further ultrasounds we will be able to monitor whether or not this will affect you.

Sex: You're a modest one too, which in my opinion is quite classy. We looked away from the screen when instructed so as to avoid learning your sex just yet and it turns out we needn't have worried. Your tiny legs were crossed protectively in front of your body so that even the skilled sonographer could not discern whether you are a Miss or a Master. We of course have a preference only for your perfect health, anything else is a bonus.

Movement: Tiny sensations have rippled through my lower abdomen this week that feel more like tiny tickles than flutters. It's a bizarre sensation but one that I identify as uniquely you. Pecan, you have no idea how relieved I now feel because I have another, subtle physical sign that you are with me.

Me: Slightly more round this week, so much so that I will have to pass on the freshly pressed white cotton work shirts in my wardrobe within the next week or so.

Hmmm... I've also fallen in love with lavender all over again. Thankfully our tiny shrub is flowering and so the house is filled with tiny glass jars stacked with green stalks topped with these fragrant purple beauties.

Us: Family Unit! Byron took me to purchase more comfortable pants. Maternity pants if you must know, there I said it. I will be wearing maternity pants from the 19th week onwards every fat chance I get.

They're not necessary at this early stage but ohhh la la are they comfy. We don't splurge on anything these days so it was a welcome treat to be able to search for a clothing bargain.

We've also been busy decluttering, donating and scrubbing. My mother visited us on the weekend to assist us to move some of her belongings out of the spare room. It was a loooonnnnggg weekend spent dusting, vacuuming, shifting lifting, sweating and bumping ourselves into doorways, walls, up and down stairs and out to the moving van.

The result was well worth the effort with one completely empty room ready for a nursery makeover. Within the space of a couple of days we managed to create a blank canvas. One we will not over clutter. One we nuture and gradually build into your room. One we will furnish with your donated cot, hand-me-down clothes and refurbished dresser.

Along the way, we'll decorate with a handmade mobile (a little project I'm working on to remind you of the sea), a patchwork quilt I'm sewing from scrap fabric and some of my own artwork.


Any suggestions for a functional, aesthetically pleasing seaside nursery? Would you like to see the nursery makeover as we add to it?

So what do you all think? Any visible growth? It's all a matter of perspective really. From the top looking down I think I look rather round however, I don't see as much difference from the side angle (must ask Byron to take more of these!).

Oh! one final difference I've noticed: My bellybutton is more shallow than before. It might be time to remove the piercing in a few weeks.

If you have any questions or wish to share your own experiences, please do so below as I love to read your comments.

So this is my first week of participation in Jodi's 52 project: Week 13/52. For those of you linking in from Practising Simplicity, the warmest Autumn welcome to you.

Bella xx


  1. Yep, there's a wee bump there, lady! We're so excited for you and Byron.
    And, yes, we would love to see how all your preparations are going for this darling miracle. Go gently, Bella.

    Sar (& Sam) xx

    1. Hey Ladies! I'm really happy this week. Week 20 has started well. I'm a little tired, which I'm trying to combat with nutritious food and plenty of sleep.
      The nursery (it's not quite a nursery yet in all honesty...) is coming along slowly. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to continue working on the mobile in the coming weeks. I'm stitching felt whales and hope to dangle them from driftwood.
      How are you girls?
      Bels xx

  2. From advice of a Mumma who had one, take the piercing out sooner rather than later. 20 weeks on is so exciting, big enough to start looking pregnant, also the movements to keep you company is divine!

    1. Thanks for the advice, Julie. I've taken it out :)

      I felt movements one week ago and for the life of my I cannot feel anything now, nor for the past couple of days.
      I hope I feel something else (aside from hunger) soon!
      Bella xx

      P.S. How are you enjoying the thought of becoming a grandmother? It's so strange, you're too young to be a grandmother!!! :)

  3. Beautiful blog, Bella. I'm so glad I stumbled across this :)
    All the best with the pregnancy and can't wait to read about the next chapter of your life.

    1. Hi Eleanor, welcome! Thank you for your comment. We're now embarking on parenthood and it's wonderful. x

  4. Hi Bella,
    Tom and I are expecting our own little bubba (I'm in my 17th week) and I'm enjoying reading back through your blog and seeing what you experienced.

    1. Bec! Congratulations to you both! This is wonderful news, I'm thrilled to hear it. I was thinking about writing a few brief posts about the little changes each week since Love arrived. Things that I didn't read about or hear from others. Would you be interested in that?
      I'm looking forward to updates about your pregnancy.
      Bella xx


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Love Bella xx


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