Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bumpin' ... 21 Weeks

Your Papa left on a trip south to visit his family in the city this week, Pecan. Normally I might feel a little apprehensive about him leaving us but your last ultrasound has revealed very positive progress.

You're growing and changing as you should and movements have continued, constant little reminders that hey, I'm actually pregnant. Sometimes it's easy to forget but then you send me your subtle little reminder and I'm awash with happiness again.

We arrived at the small airport in time to chat to a few of the friendly security staff about cheap airfares that go on sale from time to time. The minutes that followed seemed to pass at warp speed leading up to the time when he needed to board which, if I'm being honest made me feel a little sad that he would be leaving me so soon.

I watched him board and headed back to the car before driving home via the green grocer to purchase some chicken, vegetables and free range eggs for dinner. By the time I arrived home he had landed and was with our friend, Joe. Warm, happy voices could be heard over the phone and I felt relived that he had arrived safely and would soon see Po Po and Kong Kong for dinner.

So it's just us this week, Pecan.

Time for a long beach walk, followed by egg noodle soup with fresh vegetables in homemade chicken stock. What are your Autumn dinner cravings?

Bella xx

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