Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Bumpin' Series: YouTube Video My Pregnancy at 10 Weeks

Dear Friends,

I've uploaded a YouTube video, documenting our pregnancy at 10 weeks.

Recording and editing was fun, although time consuming (not to mention difficult to do by myself whilst Byron was at work, especially with a curious cat who kept jumping up on the camera and a barking dog...) so we won't be able to realistically post weekly updates due to juggling full time work, long travel hours and wanting to enjoy what sparse leisure time we have remaining. You may also notice that we're a fair way behind with the video update in relation to where we are now... 19 weeks down the track.

The reason is simple enough: I needed to take a much needed hiatus due to unexpected and rather unpleasant hyperemesis, which took control of my life. Thankfully I have now regained that control and I will endeavour to bring you more regular posts and videos... But I've got to say, I always find it interesting to hear the voices of people I know through blogs, it somehow makes me feel more connected to this wonderful, supportive community.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us, including your advice and personal experiences. Please know that I value your comments and take your advice.

Julie from Iliska Dreams suggested I remove my navel piercing sooner rather than later. Well Julie, you'll be happy to learn that. It. Is. Out!

Click the link to be taken to our YouTube video about our pregnancy at 10 weeks!

Much love from this mama-to-be,

Bella xx

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