Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bumpin'... Week 26 in Tasmania

Speeding through second trimester. How did we reach 26 weeks so quickly? I've noticed that people often stare at my belly before making eye contact and smiling. It fills my heart with joy the fact that I can connect with strangers in a glance and feel the warmth and kindness of others through this round little being growing inside of me.

This week we've been in Hobart, a beautiful city, glowing with the glorious warm hues of my favourite season. Deciduous trees burst with vibrant orange, crimson and sunny yellow leaves. The green city parks are speckled with the rustling, golden carpet of a million fallen leaves.

The sea breeze makes music in the trees as more leaves flutter gently to the soft earth. We explore the city on foot in the early hours of the morning. Pecan is snug in my belly, covered with numerous layers to protect us from the chilly pre-winter air. I wear a soft poncho, handmade in Bolivia from alpaca wool and Byron wears a dark knitted woollen jumper and scarf.

Our boots make sloshy noises in the softer grassy areas after the recent rain. Everything is different here.

Tiny pine cones sit proudly beneath giant trees, sunlight dances through the foliage of gorgeous pines and the air- Oh the air! It's a mixture of the sea and mountains. It's crisp and refreshing. It's clean and rejuvenating.

This week we dined on freshly caught grilled blue trevalla, locally grown vegetables, both steamed and roasted, mussels in brown butter sauce and roasted duck on sweet red cabbage. Our stay in Hobart wouldn't be complete without a visit to Jackman and McRoss gourmet bakery cafe where we dined on freshly squeezed orange juice, almond croissants and a gluten free clay pot filled with sizzling spicy chorizo, buttery wilted spinach, softly poached organic eggs, tomato and blackbean ragout and warm polenta cakes stuffed with plump green olives.

The Tasmanian Leatherwood honey is fragrant, liquid gold on my tongue. The apples are crunchy and sweeter than I've ever tasted before. We are spoiled for choice for every meal and find ourselves devouring fruit and tasting plates between long, hilly walks around this fair part of our beautiful country.

We could live here we say to ourselves. And we mean it.

Bella xx

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. Beautiful momma. Precious baby bump.

    Love it all!


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